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Corporate Social Responsibility Options

So you have decided to start CSR activities or enhance them. Next question is how our intiative is going to help you. The easiest way to enhance your CSR is to perform social work through NGOs, because NGOs are already involved at grass root level social upliftment and have better experience of carrying out such activities.

It does not matter whether you are a small company (a gym owner, a shop owner) or a giant Multi National Company, if you have the will, then we are here to aid you. Currently we have two CSR options:

1. Sponsor a NGO: This is a cheap and more suitable option for many. In this, you will be donating some money to a NGO on a monthly basis (say, Rs. 500/month)

2. Adopting a NGO: This is a costly option. In this you "adopt" a NGO, i.e., you pay for entire expenses of a NGO. This may vary from a small sum (say Rs. 5000/month for an orphan home consisting of 3-4 orphans) to tens of thousands of rupees per month for a larger NGO.

You may include your CSR activities in your annual report or separately as you wish.

For both these options, search NGOs listed with us here. Preferably choose a NGO that is near the location of your company.

Our intiative is free and for social cause only. Do not hesitate to contact us for further queries.