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About Us: At a time when the understanding of HIV/AIDS was in its infancy, AARTHI plunged into a world of discrimination, laced with taboos and ignorance. Extending support and assistance in the form of medical and psychological care, AARTHI approached the community afflicted with this disease with the sensitivity and knowledge that was the need of the hour. AARTHI aims at improving the Quality of Life of Women who are living under difficult circumstances – below poverty line, particularly in the rural, tribal and urban slum neighbourhoods. Resonating with a deep concern for the health of marginalized Children and women, as an auxiliary goal, AARTHI has developed a second wing of operations to counter these issues.

NGO Category: Health

Start Date: The year - 1989

Vision: India, with its burgeoning population, marks a stark divide between the classes, where the problem of inequality and injustice engulfs women across the wide spectrum of rural and urban life. AARTHI NGO believes that corporate organizations have a vital role to play in the development process. The NGO works on the Social Venture Philanthropy model and approaches corporates to adopt support genuine grassroots initiatives in India. Understanding that the rights of women and their well being are an integral part of a prosperous and harmonious community, AARTHI conscientiously works towards improving the quality of life for women who live under a blanket of economic and social distress. To this effect, AARTHI has initiated appropriate actions through various interventions to improve the socio-economic status of women, with equal importance given to their education and health. Stepping beyond the confines of bureaucracy, AARTHI engages with the affected communities at the grass root level establishing, organizing and consolidating their efforts towards the empowerment and development of the marginalized sections through nutrition and health care initiatives, AARTHI also works towards the protection and rehabilitation of street children

Motivation: The Association for Awareness on Rural and Tribal Health Institute, AARTHI was founded 2 decades ago. It was not as simple as a thought translating into reality over night. Two things were required for the organization to function successfully first is to identify what is to be done and second is to implement the complete task with the spirit, and ensure that the benefits reach the needy in its entirety. The obvious next question in one’s mind is how do we achieve this goal? To achieve this, in – depth survey was done in the rural and tribal areas which revealed that a lot has to be done in all areas to achieve equity and social justice to prevail in society. For example there is need for educating and empowering people, particularly the most vulnerable sections of the society – the women and children. There is need for building infrastructural facilities, technology and awareness for sustained growth in all sectors of the society. It was also felt that all these objectives can be achieved only with people’s involvement. Since its inception AARTHI has come a long way with great success stories to its credit also facing hardships and barriers along the journey. It has been a tremendous learning curve for everyone involved. I feel very happy and proud to say that the Association has achieved a lot in this direction since its inception, as is evident by the flow- charts of accomplishments of the past twenty years. Achievements not only give us satisfaction, but also inspire us to take up more tasks and refine dedication. We would like and specialize in the area of disaster management when the constraints of funds and other resources are eliminated to the satisfaction levels of our team.

What We Do: AARTHI started its activities with a combination of information dissemination, health awareness and educational training interventions. So far, the society has carried out its activities through its network of self initiatives, without the support of funding agencies. Nonetheless, some of the activities have been funded by external sources, i.e., Government bodies in times of need and to maintain the consistency in the services provided by AARTHI, the elected body deems it necessary to personally fund the monetary demands of the association. Following are the programmes conceptualized and implemented by the teams of AARTHI  To provide free medical facilities to the tribal populations in the areas of West Godavari district.  To identify and target the groups in need of awareness programmes which encompass a wide spectrum of health issues.  To improve the health status of children under the age of 6, with the emphasis on nutrition.  To conduct vocational training programmes aimed at the tribal youth in need of a self sustainable livelihood.  To reduce the incidence of mortality, morbidity, malnutrition and school dropouts in the most marginalized group namely, the tribal population.  Economic development towards improving the livelihood of rural and tribal women 1. Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) One unit under the first phase of AARTHI on Wheels has reached 25724 patients in 40 Bimonthly visited tribal villages in the 1st year and 28329 patients in the 2nd year and in the present year 22067 for a period of 9 months keeping the target of 30000 patients for this year, which is definitely achievable, in Polavaram Mandalam West Godavari District Andhra Pradesh. These areas are PHC L.N.D Peta, PHC Vinjaram and PHC Kondrukote. AARTHI on Wheels operates by taking well-equipped medical van along with specialized team of 2 doctors, 2 staff nurses, 1 lab technician, 1 contingent worker, equipments like Microscope, BP machine, weighing machine and medicines to the identified 40 Tribal interior villages in a systematic manner. AARTHI on Wheels vans cover the remote tribal villages in the localities where either no Governmental health care facilities exist or the same is not sufficient for the population. Unit is covering the vicinity of about 35 kms from its centre and visiting 40 villages every month, with 2 to3 villages a day on a regular basis. The mobile hospitals offer preventive, promotive and curative medical expertise to the needy children and women in remote tribal areas. In deserving and life-saving cases, it functions like a referral clinic and ambulance like 108 Services of Government of Andhra Pradesh. Van is stationed in an urban centre Polavaram usually with a static hospital, which acts like a referral medical centre. The team also carries out awareness activities on health and hygiene in order to achieve health seeking behaviour. 2.A Care and Support centre for HIV/AIDS patients through a 10 bedded hospital at Gopalapuram in the West Godavari district Initiated with the support of the “Andhra Pradesh State Aids Control Society”, Andhra Pradesh. 3. Urban Health centres at Kovvur and Tadepalligudem, in the West Godavari district, with the support of the Ministry of Health, Government of Andhra Pradesh. 4.Income generating vocational training programmes in tailoring, embroidery, handicrafts, electrician, soft chocolates, leaf plate making, bamboo craft and other handicraft work. With these programmes in place many young girls, differently abled people, HIV/AIDS infected persons and the needy are now able to generate a sustainable income for themselves. 5.An economically backward girl student without any benefits of scholarship, from Kakinada in East Godavari District with a zeal and enthusiasm to study, and being studious in studies with a Rank 46 in EAMCET 2009 is sponsored for studying in NITC Calicut, in Civil Engineering, together with hostel accommodation.

Recent Activities/Upcoming Events: 1.Rural Water and Sanitation programme at Jeelugumilli Mandal, West Godavari District with the support of the Government of Andhra Pradesh and DWSM West Godavari District under the Ministry of Rural Water Supply. 2.Distributed beds at various tribal boys and girls hostels and poor senior citizens, and service homes for destitute women at Kannapuram and Vankavarigudem in the West Godavari District. 3.Disabled Empowerment Programmes at Tadepalligudem, Eluru, Narsapur, Kovvur and Nidadavolu in West Godavari District Andhra Pradesh with the support of MEPMA (IKP-Urban) {Mission for Elimination of Poverty in Municipal Areas}{Indira Kranti Padam} in the rural pockets. CAMPS & RALLYS CONDUCTED  Conducted several free medical eye camps with different facilities at Jeelugumilli and Narsapur in the West Godavari district.  Conducted awareness camps on Safe Motherhood and Child survival.  Conducted HIV/AIDS Awareness camps and Rally’s at Narsapur in West Godavari District.  Conducted Camps on awareness on Chicken Guinea and distributed freely Preventive Homeopathic formulation for Chicken Guinea at Narsapur in West Godavari District.  Breast feeding and its advantages awareness camp conducted at Kannapuram, West Godavari District.  Dengue and Surrounding Sanitary and Hygiene Rally at Jeelugumilli in West Godavari District.  Medical Camps conducted in the flood affected areas of Narsapur in West Godavari District.  General Medical Camp for Chicken Guinea with the association of EENADU at Jangareddygudem in West Godavari District.  Distribution of Nutritional food for Chicken Guinea affected patients at Jeelugumilli in West Godavari District.  Conducted Flood Relief Camp at Nagalanka and Repalle in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh in the month of October 2009

Help Needed: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has acquired new dimensions in the recent years. More and more companies are increasingly realising that it is a good hearted investment, which also brings manifold benefits to the company. All CSR activities are being designed in alignment with business strategies. The onus of societal development no more lays with the government alone. Today, companies are proactively taking up the task under CSR and thus giving

Contact Person: GL RAMESH

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NGO Location (State): Andhra Pradesh

NGO Location (District): West Godavari

NGO Address: Registered Office: Palacherla Road, Jeelugumilli (v) Mandal, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh INDIA. Admin Office: # 78-16-15/1 – Syamala Nagar, Rajahmundry – 533 103, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh INDIA Tele Fax: +91883 2438383